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Helpful Tips:

Whether you are moving across town with a truck that you rented, whether you have hired a full-service moving company to pack up your goods to be moved across state lines, internationally, or for any move in between, the following are some basic guidelines to follow when planning any move:Organize your items so you are only moving items you really would like to have at the new destination (moving is hard work and can be expensive if you do not organize properly), make sure you do not move and / or store items you are simply going to dispose of or not use at destination
  1. Use clean and sturdy boxes when placing items in boxes.
  2. Confirm there is a good place to park a truck on the day of the move.
  3. Use mattress bags to protect mattresses and box springs (so they do not become dirty during your move).
  4. If you have a choice of time to focus on packing or moving your items, focus on packing your items properly because movers will take more time packing your items than moving them, so it is typically more cost-effective to focus on packing well and being prepared before the moving truck arrives (rather than many trips in a small vehicle.
  5. Check if your landlord or building requires an insurance certificate from the moving company or any notice (i.e., 24 hour) prior to moving so that elevators, stair cases, or loading areas do not become busy or over crowded.
  6. Clearly mark boxes containing fragile items.
  7. Understand that insurance (60 cents per pound) covers only a fraction of replacement cost for your items and if you would like additional insurance you harsh environment watch must notify the movers and / or storage location prior to the movement of your items. Additional insurance (either depreciated value or actual value) may be purchased but typically cost about 1.5% - 2.2% of the gross value of your items, with maybe a deductible as well.
  8. Make sure your mover and / or storage facility provides you with a contract prior to your move or prior to placing items into storage.
  9. Provide the moving company, storage company and / or shipping company with proper contact information for you.